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Pacific Power Source ACX Series

Rated Power: 1000VA, 1500VA or 1800VA
Output Voltage: 150/300
Output Frequency: 15-1200Hz

The ACX Series consists of three models at varying power levels. All models share common features and capabilities. Despite their compact form factor requiring only 2U of rack space, these units pack a powerful punch when it comes to capabilities and performance. All ACX models provide universal AC input connectivity and advanced programmable features. The ACX Series is targeted at single phase applications. Windows software is available to control all functions. For higher power requirements, refer to the PPS ASX1 Series or PPS ASX3 Series instead.

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Key Features

  • Universal (115-240V, 1Ø, 50/60Hz.)
  • PFC input with inrush current limiting.
  • Single Phase, Dual range; 0-150V/0-300V output
  • 15 to 1,200Hz. full power operation
  • 5,000 Hz small signal bandwidth
  • 10A universal output receptacle
  • Adjustable Current Limit
  • Adjustable Current Limit Protection
  • Keyboard Lockout
  • Remote output relay interlock
  • Transient/Waveform simulation
  • 99 steady-state programs with associated transients for static and dynamic test applications
  • True-RMS metering of volts, amps, and power
  • CE Mark

Available Models

Model Rated Power (VA) Output Form Frequency Range (Hz) Output Voltage Max (RMS) Output Amps (RMS) Input Power Dimensions (HxDxW) Weight (kg/lbs)
110ACX  1000VA  45-1200 150/300  11/5.5 115~240V, 1ø 3.5"x23.6"x16.75"  18.2/40
115ACX 1500VA  1ø  45-1200 150/300  16/8 115~240V, 1ø  3.5"x23.6"x16.75"  18.2/40
 118ACX 1800VA  1ø  45-1200 150/300 20/10  115~240V, 1ø 3.5"x23.6"x16.75"  18.2/40