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Pacific Power Source MS Series High Power

Rated Power: 62.5kVA to 625kVA
Output Voltage: 132/202/270/338/600Vac
Output Frequency: 15-500Hz / 1000Hz opt.

The Pacific Power Source MS Series is a line of high-efficiency, solid state AC frequency converters with programmable capabilities aimed at facilitates power and high power EUT test applications. One or more MS chassis can be paralleled to obtain higher output power levels. An optional external UPC controller is available for application where AC power transients and arbitrary waveform capability is required.

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Key Features

  • Rugged, Powerful Output
  • High Reliability
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Facility/Test Power Flexibility
  • Simple Front Panel Controls
  • 47 to 500 Hz Operation – (1000 Hz optional)
  • True-RMS metering of volts, amps, and power
  • RS-232 Interface standard
  • Harmonic Analysis (Voltage and Current)
  • Metering of RMS and Peak Values
  • CE and ETL Mark

Available Models

Model Rated Power (VA) Output Form Frequency Range (Hz) Output Voltage Max (RMS) Output Amps (RMS) Input Power Dimensions (HxDxW) Weight (kg/lbs)
3060-MS 62,500VA 45-500 Variable
50, 60, 400 Fixed
150/300 175A/phase 280V, 3ø
480V, 3ø
72"x30"x36" 715/1,557