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Adaptive Power Systems 3B Series AC & DC Loads

Rated Power: 1200VA - 12,600VA
Input Voltage: 300V
Input Current: up to 126A/ø
Input Frequency: DC, 40-440Hz

The Adaptive Power Systems 3B Series consists of several AC and DC input capable load models with a range of power levels. All models share common features and capabilities and support 300Vac or 300Vdc maximum input voltages. Poly-phase AC load requirements can be supported using two or more 3B model AC loads. Windows software is available for PC control through one of the control interfaces. For power requirements less than 1200VA, inquire about 3A Series Modular version AC Loads instead.

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Key Features

  • Max. Power 1800VA/W per chassis
  • Higher power parallel systems
  • Both AC and DC operating modes
  • Voltage Range 300V AC or DC
  • Sine, Square and Step Sine Support
  • High-Speed 4½  Digit Precision Metering Capability
  • Operating Modes: Constant Current (CC), Linear Constant Current (LCC), Constant Resistance (CR) and Crest Factor (CF) control
  • Leading and Lagging Power Factor (PF)
  • 150 Sets of Store/Recall Memory
  • Go/NoGo Limit Test Mode
  • AC Current Monitor Output Signal
  • Available Interface Options are RS232 or GPIB
  • CE Mark

Available Models

Model Rated Power (VA/W) No. Inputs Input Voltage (V) Max. Current (A) Input Power Dimensions (HxDxW) Weight (kg/lbs)
3B012‑12 1200 1 300 12 115V, 1ø 7"x17.5"x17.3" 18.5/40.8
3B018‑18 1800  1  300 18 115V, 1ø 7"x17.5"x17.3" 23.6/52