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Adaptive Power Systems 4 Series Modular DC Loads

Rated Power: 75W - 300W
Input Voltage: 60V, 250V, 500V
Input Current: up to 60/ch
Number of Inputs: 1 through 8

The Adaptive Power Systems 4 Series consists of a 44M04 mainframe capable of supporting one through four DC load modules.  Both single and dual input DC load modules are available allowing up to 8 load channels to be installed in the 44M04 four slot 19" wide mainframe. For LED power supply development and test, several special LED simulation load modules are available in the 41D/42D family of LED Load modules.  All 4 Series models share common features and capabilities and support either 60V, 80V, 250V or 500V of DC input voltage. Programmable fast current slew rates allow for dynamic testing of power supplies.  For power requirements higher than 1200W, refer to 5 Series or 5VP Series Loads instead.

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Key Features

  • Max. Power 300W per Module
  • Wide Voltage Range, 0 - 500 Vdc
  • Max. Current Range 60 Adc
  • Single Load, Dual Load and LED Load Modules Available
  • Up to 8 Load Inputs per Mainframe
  • Parallel Modules to 1200W
  • Synchronized Operation of Multiple Loads
  • Special LED Load Models available for lighting applications
  • Operating Modes: CC, CP, CR, CV and LED
  • Built-in Short Circuit Test
  • Over Current Protection Test Mode
  • Over Power Protection Test Mode
  • Static and Dynamic CC Modes
  • Available Interface Options are USB, RS232, GPIB and LAN
  • CE Mark

Available Models

Model Rated Power (VA/W) No. Inputs Input Voltage (V) Max. Current (A) Input Power Dimensions (HxDxW) Weight (kg/lbs)
44M01 n/a 1 slot n/a n/a 115V, 1ø 7"x17.8"x6.3" 5.5/12.2
44M04 n/a  4 slots n/a n/a 115V, 1ø 7"x17.5"x17.3" 9.3/20.5
41L0630 150 1 60 30 n/a 5.6"x16.2"x4.25" 3.7/8.2
41L0660 300 1 60 60 n/a 5.6"x16.2"x4.25" 3.7/8.2
42L0860 a=250, b=50 2 80 a=60, b=6 n/a 5.6"x16.2"x4.25" 3.7/8.2
41D1020 300 1 100 20 n/a 5.6"x16.2"x4.25" 3.7/8.2
41D5002 300 1 500 1 n/a 5.6"x16.2"x4.25" 3.7/8.2