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Adaptive Power Systems 5VP Series DC Loads

Rated Power: 5kW - 60kW
Input Voltage: 60V, 600V, 1000V
Input Current: up to 1000A

The Adaptive Power Systems 5VP Series consists of fully programmable, high power DC loads in power levels ranging from 5kW to 60kW per unit. Multiple 5VP units can be connected in parallel for even higher load requirements. Supported input voltage ranges are either 60V, 600V or 1000V.  All 5VP Series models operate along a constant power curve to allow higher current at lower voltage and vice-versa. 5VP Series models share common features and capabilities and feature large easy to read tripple displays and convenient front panel operation. Programmable fast current slew rates allow for dynamic testing of power supplies. Note that 5VP loads are cabinet units with casters for easy maneuverability. For lower power requirements, refer to 5 Series Loads instead.

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Key Features

  • Up to 60kW per Cabinet
  • Low Voltage Range, 0 - 6 Vdc
  • Voltages up to 1000Vdc
  • Current Ranges up to 1000 Adc
  • High-Speed 5 Digit Precision Metering Capability
  • Parallel Operation for High Power Applications
  • Compact Design
  • Movable Cabinet on lockable Casters
  • Operating Modes: CC, CP, CR and CV
  • Built-in Short Circuit Test
  • Over Current Protection Test Mode
  • Over Power Protection Test Mode
  • Static and Dynamic CC Modes
  • Available Interface Options are USB, RS232, GPIB and LAN
  • CE Mark

Available Models

Model Rated Power (VA/W) No. Inputs Input Voltage (V) Max. Current (A) Input Power Dimensions (HxDxW) Weight (kg/lbs)
5VP10‑100 10000 1 60 1000 100-240V, 1ø 22.7"x30.2"x25.5" 130/286.6
5VP25‑32 10000 1 600 320 100-240V, 1ø 22.7"x30.2"x25.5" 130/286.6
5VP10‑25 25000 1 1000 250 100-240V, 1ø 41.3"x30.2"x25.5" 280/617.3