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Adaptive Power Systems FC200 Series

Rated Power: 500VA or 1000VA
Output Voltage: 150Vac/300Vac
Output Frequency: 45Hz - 500Hz

The Adaptive Power System FC200 consists of two models with output power ratings of 500VA and 1000VA respectively. These frequency and voltage converters are economically priced and offer top of the line bench-top performance. Both models are single phase output and offer dual voltage ranges. These are easy to use instruments that fit on any engineering bench. A 45-500Hz adjustable frequency range supports both commercial and military/avionics AC powered equipment. For power requirements higher than 1000VA, refer to the APS1000 Series instead.

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Key Features

  • Programmable Voltage, Dual Range
  • Programmable Frequency
  • Current Limit Protection
  • Simple Front Panel Controls
  • Measurement readout for Frequency, Voltage, Current and Power all at once
  • Low Voltage Distortion
  • High Crest Factor and Peak Current Capability
  • Up to 0-300 VAC Direct Coupled Output
  • 45-500 Hz Full Power Bandwidth
  • PLC Interface Option available
  • CE Mark

Available Models

Model Rated Power (VA) Output Form Frequency Range (Hz) Output Voltage Max (RMS) Output Amps (RMS) Input Power Dimensions (HxDxW) Weight (kg/lbs)
FC205 500VA 45-500 150/300 4.2/2.1 120V/230V, 1ø 3.5"x16"x17" 22/48
FC210 1000VA 45-500 150/300 8.4/4.2 120V/230V, 1ø 3.5"x16"x17" 37/81